Snugbug Baby Wraps

Keep your little one close, from newborn to toddler, with the
Snug Bug baby wrap. Much like the other baby carrying wraps, they can hold up to 35lbs. The Snugbug supports your little ones head and neck. It’s a perfect fit every time you put it on. There are no pressure points on your baby’s body. It’s made out of a soft washable fabric. There is no ring, snaps or buckles to mess with and it’s not bulky or restricting.The best part of all is it grows with your baby so, no upgrading as they grow.

Just tell me what color you would like.

The wrap is $30. Shipping is an additional $5.00

My little girl loves to play mommy. She loves to care for her little brother and her baby dolls. She pretends to feed them play peek-a-boo and brush their teeth. She loves to copy what I do so I thought she would like to have a Snugbug of her own. I was right, she loves it. Get a Snugbug for your little mommy. Just $12.00 each